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We are a Full-Service Company Offering Plumbing Repairs and Installations for Every Problem That Comes Your Way!

We are dubbed “Your Go-To Plumber” in Fenton for a reason. Not only because we are efficient, but because we do all plumbing repairs and installs, inside and out. Our staff includes licensed, master plumbers, and drain experts who are qualified to evaluate and answer all your questions.

Coates Plumbing utilizes a fleet of fully stocked trucks, so there are no interruptions on the job, and no need to run out for parts. Our technicians are neat, efficient, and highly skilled. We really are your go-to plumber, offering the full range of plumbing solutions.

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Fixture Installations

When it Comes to Plumbing Fixtures, You Name it- We Install it

Whether you need sinks, toilets, tubs, and showers in your bathroom, or garbage disposals and refrigerator water lines in your kitchen, Coates Plumbing installs all things plumbing related! In the lower level or basement of your home or business, you will find us installing water softeners, sump pumps, and utility tubs, to name a few. We also are qualified to do well pump installations and repairs. Look to us when you need a fixture installation or replacement today!

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Pipe Repair

When Your Pipes Leak or Break, Count on Coates for All of Your Plumbing Repair Needs

"Unsolved problems only get bigger" is never truer than in an instance of leaking or broken pipes. If you detect low water pressure or slow drains, pipe leaks or clogs may be the problem. We can find weak areas in plumbing, roots growing into pipes, leaks from icemaker lines, and more. We also can re-pipe an entire house or business if needed. Call us for an inspection; we will make you our priority!

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Backflow Testing

Protect Your Family or Employees with Backflow Testing

Backflow testing is conducted to ensure there is clean, safe water in homes and businesses. If backflow preventers are not working properly, contaminated water can back up into your home’s pipes. An air gap is required to prevent backflow in drainage and sewage systems in businesses such as restaurants. Regular inspections are required to make sure bacteria is not seeping into sinks and other water receptacles to protect the public. Coates Plumbing has a technician that's certified in backflow testing, so contact us today to ensure you have safe, clean potable water in your household.

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Water Heater Services

We Install and Repair All Makes and Models of Water Heaters

Water heaters are an essential part of any home or business. No one wants to be out of hot water, not even for a day. Try doing dishes or taking a shower without it. We also have experience servicing and installing tankless water heaters for customers who don’t have much room or want a different solution to heat their water. Because we are skilled in our services, we are able to service any make or model of water heater in the SE Michigan area. For more information about water heater repairs and installations, call Coates Plumbing today!

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Water Conditioning

Water Conditioning Can Eliminate Your Hard Water Problems

Water conditioners, or water softeners, are recommended installations for homes or businesses where hard water is present. Hard water is responsible for issues from dry skin and spotted glassware, to mineral build up in your appliances. Conditioned water is also easier on your plumbing, fixtures, and pipes. We treat water based on your individual needs so whether you need iron filters, arsenic filters, or a reverse osmosis system, we are equipped to install it all and here to ensure you are getting the cleanest water possible. No matter your water softener brand or model, we will service it with confidence. Contact us today for water conditioner service.

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Sump Pumps

Reduce Moisture and Prevent Flooding with Reliable Sump Pumps in Your Home or Business

In your area, sump pumps may be required to keep your home or building dry and safe. An added benefit of installing a sump pump is that they help mitigate the possibility of mold growing in your basement. As master plumbers and certified technicians, we know how to install and repair your sump pumps. We are familiar with local codes and laws concerning sump pumps and basins, so we guarantee that everything will be done right. If you are in need of a sump pump repair or installation, call Coates Plumbing today!

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